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Collaborative Partners

BBi Communication 
Intercultural communication & leadersship, Expat training

BBi Communication aims to enable individuals, teams and organizations to succeed in an international environment.

As an intercultural communication company, they offer:


  • Language training
  • Cross-cultural leadership programs
  • Intercultural education
  • Translation Services
  • Expat training

BBi Communication has been operating since 1986 and has production facilities on five continents. BBi is a member of Sietar and EuRa and works according to national quality certification.

INWAYS consulting

Business development
& leadership support

INWAYS analyzes business needs, chooses the right tools and processes, and helps with implementation. We make sure the work is implemented and anchored in the business - everything to ensure a successful and measurable outcome that can be tracked.

Although we love process and analytics, we always put people at the center. It is the employees who will ultimately drive and implement the change.

When working with business development, the need for support often arises. As a complete supplier, we offer, among others; Training and leadership support as well as access to our extensive network of partners and specialists.

Hend Ben Slimene
Communication strategist - Arab, Scandinavian & French culture

Hend Ben Slimene is the founder and manager of A.B.A which is a communication agency specializing in
adapting your business and marketing strategy to Arab, African and French-speaking markets.

She offers:

  • Assistance and adaptation of your marketing strategy to the local context.
  • Linguistic and localization services for your marketing materials in Arabic, French, English and Danish.

Hend has a dual MBA in International Business from ISG and Copenhagen Business School. 

Eva Malmström

Coaching, mentoring
facilitation et workshop

Eva is a journalist at heart and has extensive experience and training as a coach, mindfulness instructor and mentor.

She loves to train others to find their potential and her strength is creative processes and turning things around to find new perspectives.

Eva has worked for many years as a leader in the media sector and has dealt with everything from recruitment, brand development, digital transformation and other change processes.

She is driven by curiosity and believes that respect and openness are important ingredients in meetings and realities between people.


Qingyin Liu
seminars & trainings on
Chinese culture

Qingyin was born and raised in China. In 2017, she met love and moved to Sweden.

Qingyin studied computer engineering at a university in China and has been working in the computer industry since 2011.

She has worked as a computer engineer in China but also lived and worked in Great Britain (London). In Sweden, she began her career at Sigma where she was assigned the task of responsible IT Business Analyst for IKEA. Today she works at IKANO also as an IT Business Analyst.

She believes that the important thing in a cultural meeting is to  analyze yourself and your own culture before you can understand others.


Augustine Tah

 International and
intercultural relations

Augustin was born and raised in Cameroon. 15 years, ago he moved to Denmark to study. He completed a master's degree in development and international relations.

Today he works and lives in Denmark, where he started Afrovision, which focuses on business development and relations between Africa and Europe. At the same time, he has continued his studies and is a PhD student in democracy, decentralization, and human rights in divided societies with a focus on Cameroon.

As a person, he is a humanist and a Pan-Africanist, believing that all "men are created equal". He is interested in cross-cultural and cross-religious dialogue where the challenge is to respect and develop each other's values into dynamic cultural encounters.